Plant Your Seed

We handle the dirty work so your content is served quickly


CDN Seed is a CDN for small companies, development teams, and individuals who want to make their websites faster, but don't want to hastle with existing CDN solutions. Our backbone is centered around the AWS Cloudfront CDN infrastructure, and we have deployment points throughout the continental United States.

We exist because we wanted a reliable, low-cost CDN with an easy deployment scheme. For us, the AWS deployment pipeline wasn't difficult to understand or manage, but we realize that's not the case for all people. If you've already got an AWS or Google Cloud proficient team member, you probably don't need us. But, if you want something easy, fast, and reliable and don't want to hassle with the AWS or Google Cloud console or setup, we're for you.

Getting Started

Right now, CDN Seed is in a closed-alpha. We use the service ourselves, and are looking for other developers who want to try out our services. Right now, our CDN is completely free, as it's an alpha and stability is not guaranteed. You can contact us in two places. If you have Discord, great! Message our founder, his ID is Zack#0002 If you prefer email, contact him at [email protected].